11-10-14 East Kintyre Community Council
October Minutes.

Meeting held in Carradale Village Hall 9th October 2014


Stuart Irvine (SI) (Convenor), Lindsey Mercer (LM), Eleanor Sloan (ES) (Secretary),
Hilary Oman (HO), Dominic Ryan (DR), Robert Strang (RS)

1 Councillor – John McAlpine (JM)
5 Members of the public (MoP)
PC Nick Harper

1. Welcome and apologies:
At 7pm - Stuart Irvine welcomed attendees and started the meeting.
Apologies from Ronnie Brownie.

2. Minutes – 11/09/14
Confirmed - proposed by Robert Strang, seconded by Hilary Oman.

3. Matters arising
Hilary Oman tendered her resignation to the EKCC as she is moving out of the catchment area.
SI to contact Charles Reppke re: election for replacement councillor.
ACTION –SI to contact Charles Reppke.

4. Treasurers report – opening balance
Treasurer was not in attendance – so balance is as last month -
As of 11/09/2014 - The balance of the EKCC bank account stands at £2282.83

5. Network/Slip update
Alan Millstead Chair of Harbour Enterprises – could not attend but informed SI that there are steel rods going into the slip to strengthen it. Suppliers have let them down and as a lot of the work can only happen at low tide, works are running behind schedule.

6. Roads
I. Email from Robin Currie – Re - an email conversation with Julian Green and Stewart Clarke. This was in response to a query from the public regarding the B842, (that SSE originally proposed to widen and strengthen the B842 and that ABC did not agree to this). The response via this email was that the road would have to be a lot larger than originally discussed and that after tentative discussions SSE altered their preferred route to consider off- road forestry type of road.
II. Mobile phones – SI received an email from vodafone via Robin Currie offering a service called Vodafone rural (open sure signal). After reading it we decided that the criteria (costs etc) would not be something we would want to take part in.

7. Planning
We had an application for the erection of a statue at Saddell from the Landmark Trust. We decided we did not have enough information to make a decision
ACTION –SI to find out more info re: look of the statue

8. Tree Planting – WW1
All is on course with this – the planting is arranged for 9/11/14 immediately after the memorial service and then onto the fire station for soup and sandwiches after the tree planting.
All are welcome to attend this event.
At this point the meeting was told that someone had been driving on the cricket pitch and churned up the field – it was proposed to lock the access gate and clear the pedestrian gate for use. All agreed – Football Club to undertake gate work.
ACTION –Football club to lock gate and give out keys/passcode to all relevant users.

9. Peninver/Lussa Road
Nothing done yet,
ACTION –SI to contact Andy Hay and chase up

10. ACHA - grass cutting and maintenance projects
A member of ACHA (Yvonne Litster) is due to attend the next meeting.
As a result of non-replies to SI letters and emails – a complaints procedure is now in process.
Some ACHA works have started in the village.
Councillor McAlpine told us that ACHA have promised to have all properties fitted with new doors, kitchens, heating, windows, bathrooms – before October 2015
SI stated that EKCC wants is a list of all outstanding repairs and a timetable of works from ACHA, so that EKCC can keep up to date on what is being done.
It was agreed to send a questionnaire out around the ACHA tenants asking if works had been done recently and what still needs to be done, and any suggestions – DR to create.
ES to forward info from Steve Byrne re tenants association to DR to look into as a possible option for Carradale tenants.
ACTION –DR to create questionnaire and look into tenants association.

11. Wind Farm Trust Applications
Closing date is 31/10/14 - to be discussed after the next EKCC meeting 13/11/14

12. Antler
Printer in place – Antler hopes to be out soon.

13. AOCB
• Village shop Post Box – open
• Tangy 3 windfarm – Tangy 2 will disappear into Tangy 3 and we still get funds. They will arrange a meeting with EKCC to discuss nearer the time.
• Blary Hill is not relevant to us in this area
• Burco wind farm – DR declared an interest. Nothing to discuss.
• Road Survey – supposed to have been done in September 2014 – SI to chase up.
ACTION –SI to contact Stewart Clarke to enquire about status.
• Speeding in the village was discussed and PC Harper will look into this.
• Community Composting – is this any further along? ES has not been able to get any support from any agency who can advise on this – it was discussed that perhaps a green waste dumping site would be more useful. ES to contact FCS and SSE for location and development support
ACTION –ES to contact FCS and SSE

14. Date of next meeting

7pm – 13/11/ 2014

Stuart thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.00pm.

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