21-09-14 East Kintyre Community Council
September minutes.

Meeting held in Carradale Village Hall 11 September 2014


Stuart Irvine (SI) (Convenor), Elizabeth McMillan (EMcM) (Treasurer), Lindsey Mercer (LM),
Robert Strang (RS), Eleanor Sloan (ES) (Secretary) Hilary Oman (HO), Dominic Ryan (DR) Ronnie Brownie (RB)

Speakers – Andrew Malkin (AM) – SSE
2 Councillors – John McAlpine (JM) Robin Currie (RC)
8 Members of the public (MoP)

1. Welcome and apologies:
At 7pm - Stuart Irvine welcomed attendees and started the meeting.
No apologies

2. Minutes – 10/07/14
Confirmed - proposed by Ronnie Brownie, seconded by Robert Strang.

3. Matters arising
No matters arising

4. Treasurers report – opening balance
As of 11/09/2014
The balance of the EKCC bank account stands at £2282.83

5. Confirmation of annual accounts for EKCCWFT
The Accounts for the year 2013 – 2014 Wind farm trust were presented by Stuart Irvine.
The autumn tranche for Windfarm grants will be opening soon and the closing date is the 31/10/14. All bids will be discussed by the EKWFT after the EKCC meeting on 13/11/14.

6. Update from Andrew Malkin SSE
Update -
• Andrew Malkin told us that the cables are on their way and because of the creation of under road culverts the placing of these cables will cause no disturbance to traffic on the B842. A barge will be bringing the cables onto Kintyre.
• 8 towers are in place with another 52 to be done by the end of the year.
• The substation is almost complete and after starting in Feb 2014 – this has proven to be one of the quickest builds ever.
• Next year the “dressing” of the site will begin – with tree planting etc
• Siemens are due to arrive early December bringing transformers etc via Campbeltown harbour. These transformers will travel to the site via the new road that runs parallel to the B842.
• This new road will be in use for the next few years and if/when landowners take over the use of it – they will have to apply for planning permission to use it – it is the intention of SSE to reinstated the hill if requested and to plant trees to hide the new road from the B842.
• The creation of the substation provide a lot of local employment opportunities (25 locals employed)
• Andrew asked us to be mindful of the responsibility of Argyll and Bute Council for the upkeep of the road north of Crossaig – and to keep them (ABC) informed if it seems to getting bad again.
• 23/9/14 SSE are hosting a school leavers/industry day at Lochgilphead Joint Campus, the purpose of this is to highlight the needs for skills for life and the opportunities that exist within industry. There will be presentations from SSE, Amec, Nexans, BAM Nutall and Siemens, this will lead to interactive sessions.
• Andrew said that SSE would like to organise a community visit to the substation in October and asked ES to organise this in the community (collect names of people interested in attending)
Questions from the floor –
• SI asked if AM would be able to help with the situation in Peninver on the Lussa Road – AM to look into.
• MoP asked if it would be possible to put more passing places in blind spots – AM to look into
• JM asked if it is possible for the incoming infrastructure to support broadband and signal improvement – AM said not possible – SSE have use for this temporarily but it is not possible to make it permanent.
• RC said that the road is a pleasure to drive now. He asked about the use of an old tower as a mobile phone mast – this has been rejected by the mobile phone companies and SSE are selling all the old towers for scrap.
• MoP commented on how well the contractors have settled into the area and are becoming part of the community.
• It was suggested that the Community should get in touch with the mobile phone providers, to show our need for better coverage.
• SI thanked AM on behalf of the Community for the work that they have done – free of charge in their own time – for our community, the invites to events and all the repairs and upgrading they have been doing is greatly appreciated in the community.
A round of applause
SI wanted to thank Robert Strang for the work he has done on behalf of EKCC and the community in liaising with SSE and Amec on our behalf.
• Andrew Malkin finished by saying the SSE is happy to do things for the Community as long as we are all happy and work together.
ACTION –ES to arrange community visit names
AM to look into situation with SSE at Lussa and feedback to SI
AM to look into passing places and liaise with ABC and feedback to SI

7. Network Carradale- update
Bikes and Buggies - Jim Galbraith gave us an update on the Bikes and Buggies – Trading total is up approx – 50% on last year’s figures – and there is a grand trading total of £2,923. A grant was made from EKWFT for £2000 to be used when required for salary costs – only £200 of this was used – they would like to carry over the remaining £1800 to next year to support this venture. They have opened up an initiative with Scotland Tourist info centre in Campbeltown – they have lent out 2 bikes as a trial. They intend to place two bikes with the centre next April and May and will then review the situation.
Slip – Alan Walker updated us on the work underway at the Slip. At a site meeting with all appropriate representatives the contractors advised that they are still on course for completion to meet the 10 weeks contract period – for the end of October/beginning of November. Progress can be followed on carradaleharbourslip.wordpress.com or Carradale Harbour facebook page.

8. Planning
No planning matters

9. Tree Planting – WW1
It has been decided to arrange the planting memorial service to follow on from the commemoration service in November 9/11/14 then to have a get together at the Fire station, the WW1 group are currently preparing a booklet and a memorial plaque about the event and the men who died in the wars. Matthew Ramsay has kindly agreed to conduct a service at the planting. If anyone has any keepsakes or WW1 mementos and are happy for them to be displayed at this event could you please contact either Christine Richie or Eleanor Sloan.

10. Peninver/Lussa Road & Carradale road traffic
Lussa - AM to look into
Carradale roads - SI received an email from Stewart Clark Saying that James Ross will be producing a report that should cover all the issues raised in EKCC letter.

11. ACHA - grass cutting and maintenance projects
• SI wrote to Iain McLeod 3 months ago with our concerns – we were told a project list was to be drawn up – 1 month ago SI asked for a copy of the list – no reply from Iain McLeod – SI wrote a letter a week ago – no reply from Iain McLeod.
• RC said he received a reply from his email in June (re our concerns – he received a reply from Yvonne Litster saying there had been no complaints re grass cutting and regarding the repairs awaiting attention - that there had been no issues identified.
• JM told us that work on one particular home is scheduled to begin to coincide with rewiring, this resident will go into respite care while both jobs are being done – no dates as yet.
• SI was advised by the Councillors to write to senior staff in ACHA with our concerns – Linda Haig and Alastair McGregor.
• It was suggested that we start a Tenants association – ES to look into
• JM to email date of ACHA AGM – perhaps one of the EKCC could attend and speak
ACTION –ES to look into tenants association
SI to write to senior ACHA staff
JM to email ACHA AGM email to SI

12. Antler
DR told the meeting that he is still arranging for the printer to be moved from the school to the Village hall – they need a van.

13. CAPP
A few jobs still need to be done at the pavilion and the play park– these are due to be done ASAP

14. AOCB
• Post Box – The owner has made it secure and she now needs to inform the Post office and they will re-open it.
ACTION –RB to speak to Angela Arkell
• Tangy 3 windfarm – we didn’t feel this would affect us much – but SI to contact for more info re finances
ACTION –SI to contact
• Mobile signals update – Alan Reid is writing to the Chief Exec of EE
• Argyll and Bute are hosting innovator awards and have asked for any suggestions – contact SI for more info.
• Correspondences – from Donnie Cameron, 23/9/14 9.30 – 1 – Campbeltown hospital - event to discuss changes to care provision within the hospital and community.

15. Date of next meeting

7pm – 9th October 2014

Stuart thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.15pm.

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